Medical Equipment

Home Medical Supplies

Complete your stock of home medical supplies to continuously keep your injured or disabled family member comfortable. We have a large selection of products that you can choose from below.

Bedroom Equipment

Hospital Beds - Overbed Tables - Bedside Commodes - Transfer Boards - Bed Wedges - Trapeze Bar - Fraction Bar

Respiratory Equipment

Concentrators - Large and Small Oxygen Tanks - Portable Cylinders - Conserving Devices

Therapeutic Products

Knee Immobilizers - Wraps and Pull-On Supports - Wrist Splints - Ankle Supports - Ankle Aircasts - Diabetic Socks - Compression Hose - Trouser Socks

Bathroom Safety Products

Grab bars - Raised Toilet Seats - Shower Chairs - Benches and Stools

Comfort Equipment

Wheelchairs - Combo Rollator or Transport Wheelchairs - Lift Chairs or Uplifts - Donut Cushions - Wheelchair Cushions - Heel Protectors - Quilted Underpads - Crutches, Canes, and Walkers

Incontinent Supplies

Underpads - Adult Diapers - Adult Pull-Ups - Adult Wipes - Self Catheters

Miscellaneous Products

Home Phototherapy Systems - Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems - Hand Exercisers - Shoulder Pulleys - Reachers - Stethoscopes

Complimentary Services Performed by a Licensed Respiratory Therapist: One Time Pulse Oximetry Complimentary Service - Plan of Service

Sleep Apnea Devices

CPAP Therapy - BIPAP Therapy - Apena Monitors - Comfort Accessories Available for Equipment to Ensure Patient Use

Supplies and Equipment

Crutches, Canes and Walkers - Wheelchairs - Hospital Beds - Diabetic Supplies